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Anatomy of Design: Novis

Jordana Warmflash is living every up-and-coming designer’s dream—her two-year-old brand Novis has already received countless accolades, she counts Taylor Swift as a fan of her retro-inspired dresses, and she’s accomplished all of this before her thirtieth birthday.

Winter Styling Tricks

The minute that wind chill hits, we feel you—we want to jump into our flannel jammies and hide under the covers until the sun comes out again. But winter shouldn’t be a time to forgo fashion—it’s actually one of the best, if not the best, season for stylish clothing.

Holiday Gift Guide

Oh Marilyn even made shopping look good. But the reality is that in the dead of winter with holiday shopping crowds, fighting for parking spots, and waiting in endless lines we aren’t exactly channeling our inner Monroe. But now with Cyber Monday, you’re set to score even better deals from the cozy confines of your home, all bundled up, mug of spiked cider in tow.

Aspen Packing Guide

Yesterday you got a glimpse of glorious Aspen, and now you’re champing at the bit to go. The good thing is between The Tig Style Editor, Judy Meepos, and the lady who charms you both on the big and small screen, Abigail Spencer you’ll have some options to look and feel smashing as you’re dashing through the snow. Take it away, ladies!

Copenhagen Packing Guide

The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen has come a long way from its roots as a Viking fish in village in the 10th century. But when you look at the etymology of the word Denmark (because you know I love the beauty of words), and voila – Copenhagen comes from a Danish word which means “merchants harbor.”

Art of a Ring Stack

Ah, the layered look – first it was a cascade of cropped hair à la Jen Aniston in Friends, then layering clothes à la the Olsen twins (shrouded in endless fashion staples draped one atop another)….and then, of course, there was jewelry.