Copenhagen Packing Guide

The Tig Archives 01 / 14 / 2015

The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen has come a long way from its roots as a Viking fish in village in the 10th century. But when you look at the etymology of the word Denmark (because you know I love the beauty of words), and voila – Copenhagen comes from a Danish word which means “merchants harbor.” How apropos that this incredible city now boasts some amazing fashion – merchants at the top of their game, and so very de la mode. Come winter, Danes lean towards monochrome silhouettes, and warm clothing with a bit of an edge. So while you’re in Copenhagen, hitting up some of Europe’s sexiest bars and most avant-garde restaurants, taking in all the city has to offer, you want to come prepared. Here’s your quintessential packing guide to keep you looking as on trend as our friend of The Tig, Christiane.


Anytime you’re traveling, a sweater is an obvious must-pack, but a trendy oversized sweater is more up to speed with the Danish look. You’ll want to bring a loose, comfy version that isn’t too baggy, or it’ll just end up looking silly.


If you’re going to CPH, you’ll want to stuff your chic duffel with versatile staples that can take your look from day to night, where you’ll be dining and drinking at some of the hottest restaurant and bar scenes in the world. And our good friends at Chri Chri, one of the most popular Danish lifestyle sites founded by well-known actress and TV host Christiane O’Connor, let us know that if you’re heading to CPH without a leather moto jacket, you’ll then have to pick one up at Kassandra or Ganni.


Leave your All-American, #normcore blue jeans at home—you’re heading to Scandinavia, where the sun sets early, the clothes are edgy, and the denim is dark, dark, dark.


It’ll be too cold for high-heeled sandals, and everyone else will be wearing ladylike pumps, so hit the Copenhagen town in some sexy, slip-on mules like the street style star that you know you are! Pick pointy-toe versions for a night out and peep-toes for chic day excursion wear.


Since you’ll be wearing a lot of black (the Danes’ fav color), spice up your outfit with some fun jewelry. Statement earrings and of-the-moment ear cuffs are on the Danish style radar as of late.


There’s the tote bag, the bucket, the backpack, even the fanny pack—and while those are travel staples, in Copenhagen you’ll want to carry (or sling) a cross-body bag. That way, you’ll be hands-free, you won’t have to lug around too much stuff, and best of all, you’ll look super cute.

-By our resident Style Editor, Judy Meepos

Hero image via: Le 21eme