Winter Styling Tricks

The Tig Archives 11 / 24 / 2014

The minute that wind chill hits, we feel you—we want to jump into our flannel jammies and hide under the covers until the sun comes out again. But winter shouldn’t be a time to forgo fashion—it’s actually one of the best, if not the best, season for stylish clothing. There are layers upon cozy layers, beautiful coats and sexy jackets, and pants that range from silky to woolen that make our hearts skip a beat. So don’t give up on your dressing just yet—flip through another round of The TIG’s Styling Tricks and you’re bound to be rushing outside in your new gorgeous getup faster than you can say “Celine Turtleneck.”

  1. Break out the Winter White
  2. While many of you stylish gals have been sporting that white-on-white look all through the summer, it’s winter when your snowy hues really stand out.

    • Balance the brightness of your whites with dark neutrals, like blacks and greys. That way you’re not overdoing it, and more importantly, you won’t blend into the scenery.
    • Think of picking a single flowy or oversized piece that really is the standout of your ensemble—think: a boyfriend coat, loose trousers, or a chunky turtleneck.

  3. Never Fear, Shearling is Here!
  4. Shearling was a MAJOR trend on the runways for fall—from the preppy versions at Phillip Lim to the colorful couture creations at Prada, the fuzziness was not to be missed.

    • There may be shearling everywhere—from boots to sweatshirts—but your best bet is to stick with a shearling-lined coat.
    • Keep your coat short, rather than long, as this has more of an off-duty, rocker-girl vibe. It’s the perfect alternative to the ubiquitous leather biker jacket to throw over a pair of black skinnies or a dark floral maxi-dress (with tights, of course) and finish with a pair of sleek moto boots.
    • Don’t limit your color options to just black—think fun hues like bubblegum pink or hunter green.

  5. Sport that Athleisure
  6. The amalgamation of “athletics” and “leisure wear” has popped up everywhere from the pages of Vogue to the shelves at Sweaty Betty, but one thing is for certain—the “I’m about to head to SoulCycle, don’t mind me” look is here to stay.

    • Don’t be sloppy. Your entire ‘fit shouldn’t be Equinox-appropriate. Try a pair of upscale leggings (sorry, no scrappy Lululemons you have at the bottom of your drawer!) paired with a lush sweater and a monochromatic, sleek jacket.
    • This is the perfect occasion to wear your sweet sneaks. Just make sure these are your fashiony kicks, not your sweaty gym shoes—Supergas, brand-new Coverse, and anything clean or white get the go ahead.

  7. Wear your Coat as a Dress
  8. Take notes from the reigning Russian fashion queen, Miroslava Duma, who always manages to get it right. Since not all of you live in areas with sub-zero temperatures (you lucky, lucky gals!), this one’s for you.

    • Make sure your outerwear is a real standout piece—that means no boring black wool versions or same-old, been there, done that trench coats. Your coat should have style and pizzazz—and whether that comes in the form of a trendy pattern, pretty colors, or festive embellishments, well, that’s really all up to you.
    • Don’t make this flasher status, however, and be sure to wear something underneath your coat. A cute, understated minidress works perfectly here.
    • On the same note—your coat better be below your knees. No additional explanation necessary.

  9. Throw yourself a Garden Party
  10. Florals in December?! Call us crazy, but dark, moody flowery duds look elegant, as well as seasonally appropriate.

    • If temps are above freezing, feel free to rock a boho-chic maxi-dress with sheer, black tights.
    • Otherwise, a silk gardenia blouse or rose-covered trousers are the way to go. Just make sure you’re sticking with a black (or very dark navy or grey) backdrop for your pickings.
    • Top it off with a black blazer, black pumps, and a black bag. Remember, it’s not summer (sigh), so you’re better off avoiding light colors to pair with your brooding, moody flower-printed clothes.

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