Street Style Styling Tricks Part 2

The Tig Archives 10 / 15 / 2014

The Miroslava Duma’s of the world make it look so easy – an outfit as balanced and beautiful as a perfectly crafted cocktail. That precise layering of classic and current so that every sip leaves you wanting more. But just as with last week’s Fashion Week Street Styling Tricks, this is your cheat sheet part deux to master that effortless style – the de la mode details of the industry insiders, fashion buyers & editors— the real women that attend all the shows and have learned to play dress up in the most inspiring way. Between last week’s tips coupled with these savvy suggestions, you, my dear, will have ten new outfits to choose from – the only concern is which one to do first. A champagne problem at its finest.

  1. Sport those overalls
  2. We know you probably never thought you’d see the day when overalls would be appropriate for adults to wear, but it’s not only completely acceptable to wear onesies over the age of ten, it’s actually stylish—when done the right way, of course.

    • The most important thing to keep in mind is fit—your overalls cannot be too baggy or too tight, or you’ll likely look like an overgrown toddler; probably not so instagrammable
    • Play with different shades and styles to see which works best on you—it might be classic blue jean with a straight leg or more of a surplice, washed overall
    • Wear your pair on top of a fitted long-sleeve t-shirt and pair with loafers and a fedora to give it a tomboyish feel

  3. You can wear sheer—just make sure it’s subtle
  4. See-through can be scary—just the thought of it conjures up images of ill-advised people in too-tight, too cropped tops with crazy colored bras underneath. But just a touch of sheer, say on the bottom of a skirt that reveals just the slightest amount of thigh, is alluring, sexy, while still being unequivocally ladylike

    • The easiest way to try this trend is with a skirt with a sheer panel. From the top of your leg upwards, you should be covered up like the classy gal that you are
    • The skirt should be at least a midi length and the sheer panel should start no further up than your mid-to-top thigh
    • Your top should be conservative, otherwise you risk looking too provocative à la Vivienne in Pretty Woman (think, the Hollywood Blvd version not the red dress opera night version). The best choice is a simple, cotton button-down that’s always, always, always in style
    • Keep the look ladylike (and again, we want feminine, not over-the-top here) with strappy, but tasteful sandals that make your legs seem as though they go on for days

  5. Do the Quarter-Tuck and the Roll-Up
  6. Now that you’ve likely mastered the front-tuck a la Emmanuel Alt, it’s time to move up to the side-tuck. But it’s not just the hem of the shirt that you need to fuss with to complete this new look, you’ll also need to completely reframe the way you wear your sleeves (okay, that might be an exaggeration).

    • Keep the ensemble Parisian-chic by wearing a simple, lightweight cotton button-front in either white or baby blue
    • Choose a pair of classic mid-rise skinny or straight-leg jeans that hit perfectly at the ankle
    • The trick to tucking in just the front quarter of your shirt is to leave the bottom 3 buttons undone, then tucking in either the right or left side of the front of your shirt. The back should remain untucked as well
    • Rather than cuffing your sleeves, simply roll them up so they become a messy donut shape
    • Slip on a pair of classic mid-height pumps in a cool color or print and voila!

  7. Stay on the Fringe
  8. Fringe often divides people—you either love it, or you hate it. But this season, those on team fringe are definitely on the winning side, as the decorative detail has made its way onto bags, shoes, skirts, and jackets.

    • The problem with fringe is that it can often look too costumey—so stick to one piece, and one piece only
    • The coolest way to wear the trend is on your clothing rather than on an accessory. A fringed leather or suede jacket is definitely the place to start if you’re a fringe newbie
    • Rather than stay on a Western theme, play up your femininity with the rest of your clothing. Pair your leather jacket with a fitted pencil skirt and a pair of heeled sandals

  9. Keep Your Kicks On
  10. Sneakers used to be the sign of a commuter or a tourist—but no longer. In fact, it seems that sneakers made it down more runways this season than actual heels, which has to be a first. And while this may seem like the easiest trend to nail down, it’s actually one of the easiest to mess up – and none of us want to end up in Frump Town.

    • Stick to retro sneaks—Adidas Stan Smiths, Nike high-tops, and Converse Chuck Taylors all get the green light
    • It’s important to make your outfit look deliberate—there should be no sign of athleisure wear here. That means pairing your kicks with girly skirts, sleek leather pants, and yes, even cocktail dresses
    • Trust us, once you try this trend out, there’s almost no going back (your feet will thank us)

Photos via:, The Cut