Tig Talk with Hannah Bronfman

The Tig Archives 08 / 13 / 2015

When Abigail Spencer (actress, friend, birthday soul sister of mine), intro’d me to the lovely Hannah Bronfman one chilly night at Soho House Toronto, I knew I was twitterpated. Don’t know that word? Watch “Bambi.” (It was around well before the SM blitz of the little blue bird, and it’s a word I just adore).

With her chic style, infectious smile, and promotion of healthy body image on her social media (think cirque du soleil level yoga moves with her longtime beau, Brendan Fallis), Hannah is changing the game when it comes to fitness, wellness, and (obviously) coolness. This DJ, entrepreneur, and girl about town is building an empire – and we, at The Tig, are happy to support her in doing so. Let’s hear what Little Miss #HBfit has to say about the things that make her tick…because if she’s all about it, then we want to be too. Thanks, Hannah!

  1. My nickname is: Hanns, Dunny & HB.
  2. The first thing I do when I wake up is: Put my glasses on and look at emails and then Instagram, which usually takes about 10 mins….then I get out of bed.
  3. I can’t live without: My phone, but really the Beautified app. I just feel better with a blow out.
  4. If I had one week to escape: I would go to Indonesia.
  5. If I only had $10 in my pocket: I would walk around downtown New York and buy a taco at a delicious food truck.
  6. Everything tastes better with a little: Sprinkle of chia seeds.

Images via: CityChickStyle.com, Instagram