Street Style Styling Tricks Part 1

The Tig Archives 10 / 08 / 2014

The spectacle of runway shows, unveiling of new collections, and frenetic buzz that courses through each de la mode city during their respective Fashion Week—it’s as celebratory as a bottle of bubbles. But perhaps what rivals the pomp and circumstance of the shows, themselves, are the champagne chic attendees—the stylish set who have their finger on the fashion pulse and inspire many an online shopping binge (because who doesn’t need to buy that belt at 1 am while you’re catching up on Scandal? Please tell me it’s not just me). We’ve culled through hundreds of street style photos and have taken some of fashion weeks’ finest from New York, London, Milan, and Paris to find the best new creative styling tricks to make you look at feel like one of the ladies in the front row. The best part? There were so many to choose from that we’ve turned this into a two part series. So start taking notes—your first five brilliant fall outfit ideas have arrived.

  1. Cropped leather trousers are the new leather legging
  2. For the past few years, it’s been all about the uber-tight, rocker leather leggings—but those are only appropriate in limited circumstances (say, if you’re younger than 25 and heading to an exclusive club). The updated versions are more casual, less restricting, and completely wearable in the daylight.

    • Look for a pair that are cropped and loose-fitting
    • Tuck in a dark neutral button-down (like navy or charcoal) to make the look more office-appropriate
    • Try the editor’s trick: wear a long wool coat over your shoulders
    • Don’t forget to add a belt! (this season’s must have accessory)

  3. Trade your crewneck for a turtleneck
  4. Turtlenecks were ubiquitous on the fall 2014 runways—from Altuzarra to Chanel, there was no getting away from the coverall sweater. But rather than being a conservative, rigid (and not to mention, itchy) piece as it’s been in the past, by following these few tricks, your look can be transformed from stodgy librarian to sexy professional in an instant.

    • Choose an oversized or chunky knit sweater
    • Play with soft neutrals like light grey and cream and keep the look monochromatic
    • Pair with this season’s slit midi skirt and nude pointed-toe pumps

  5. Tie something around your waist
  6. Throwback to your prep school days when you couldn’t sit with the popular crowd unless you had a sweatshirt tied around your hips, but this time around, ditch the sweatshirt for something a little more modern so you can stay at the cool kid’s table.

    • Try a thin, cashmere pullover or a flannel, plaid button-down to wrap around your waist like a belt (bonus: it creates a nice waistline!)
    • Plus, it’s practical—if you’re cold, you actually have another layer to throw on
    • It’s versatile and works with loose trousers or a casual dress

  7. Throw on an updated Canadian Tuxedo
  8. The Canadian Tux has gone from totally rad (hello, 1980s) to a serious fashion faux pas, and now, back to on-trend once again. But the simple, retro Levi’s-esque denim-on-denim look is no longer statement-making, but updating your monochromatic jean look is relatively easy— trust us.

    • Find a pair of jeans with some detail—they can be ripped, painted, or even patchwork, to add some texture to the otherwise one-note look
    • Ditch your skinnys and boyfriends for girlfriend jeans—they should be straight-leg and little bit loose (but not baggy)
    • Tuck in a faded chambray top
    • Give the look a little bit of a boho-chic vibe by piling on fringe necklaces and wraparound bracelets, and top it off with a western-inspired brown leather belt

  9. Belt Your Scarf
  10. When model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne hit the Burberry Prorsum fall 2014 runway in a gorgeous, hand-painted scarf that was secured with a simple skinny belt, it was guaranteed that the fashion industry would grab the idea and run with it. Not every runway trend translates well to the street, however, Olivia Palermo’s take on the belted scarf is spot on and easily translatable in the real world.

    • Start with a simple, romantic midi dress that’s a single solid color or two hues at most
    • Choosing the right scarf is key: it should be thin (like silk or chiffon), long enough that it comes to the top of your thighs, and in the same color palette as your dress. Hang the scarf loose around your neck
    • Finally, over your dress and scarf, add a skinny belt just above your waist to avoid bunching. So simple, so flawless

Photos via:, The Cut