Aspen Packing Guide

The Tig Archives 01 / 08 / 2015

Yesterday you got a glimpse of glorious Aspen, and now you’re champing at the bit to go. The good thing is between The Tig Style Editor, Judy Meepos, and the lady who charms you both on the big and small screen, Abigail Spencer you’ll have some options to look and feel smashing as you’re dashing through the snow. Take it away, ladies!


Aspen may be the place to see-and-be-seen, but this mountain town truly is one-of-a-kind. A mix between luxurious and down-home country, you’ll find locals in vintage leather cowboy boots and vacationers in floor-length mink coats. But your best bet is to go for something in the middle—you want cozy, but sophisticated. You’ll want to look stylin’ coming down the mountain and heading in for that much deserved glass of chardonnay (it’s vacation, after all). And even if you’re not dressing to impress everyone on the slopes, we know you’ll be taking some selfies for Instagram, because nothing’s more impressive than a well-dressed snow bunny heading up the gondola— complete with a great filter, of course.


Ski sweaters and Christmas sweaters—icky hand-me-downs from Grandma’s house, amiright? Nope, no longer—the itchy, wooly tops have transformed into retro-esque pieces inspired by the chic St. Moritz jetsetters back in the 1950s. So toss one on as a layering piece and call it a #ThrowbackThursday.


Surprise! It actually does matter what you wear underneath your ski pants. You can’t just add on any ol’ pair—they need to keep you warm while still maintaining a little bit of a fashion-forward design. This is the perfect time to deck out in all that athleisure wear you’ve been stocking up on, and if you haven’t, get to it!


If you’re hitting the slopes, you’ll actually need to wear a real ski jacket (sorry!) or you’ll get drenched from head to toe after a day of slipping and sliding on the mountain. So don’t get down on the down jacket—we promise you won’t look like the Michelin man with any of these sleek picks.


When the weather drops below freezing, it’s critical to keep your head covered. And in Aspen, it’s critical that you keep it covered with something nonchalantly luxe and stylish—like the perfect cashmere beanie.


It’s always a safe bet to lace up some ankle booties whatever the occasion—but fur-lined combat boots will hit your apres-ski look out of the park. You’ll have all the pinot grigio sippers at Ajax Tavern wondering, “why didn’t I think of that?”


Now that your suitcase is filled to the brim with chunky knits, heavy coats, and warm pants—it’s time to turn your attention to that pretty face of yours. It may seem contradictory to have to slather your face with sunscreen in the snow, but you’re actually very likely to burn. Plus, the air is dry—as in Mojave dry—so you’ll need some serious moisturizer as well. So while we’re at it, just grab one of our fav BB creams and you’ll be killing three birds with one product.


Here is my quick rundown of what to wear—these items served me well. You must prepare if you’re heading to Aspen because man, it was cold!

  1. Nike Dri Fit Leggings
    These are a great alternative to long underwear to keep you warm under your ski pants!
  2. Oakley Bravo Insulated Ski Jacket
    A great ski jacket that is waterproof and colorful, so you can easily be found on the slopes!
  3. Oakley Foxtrot Soft Shell Ski Pants
    Well-fitting, waterproof pants are important, especially if you’re prone to falling. All other ski gear (skis, boots, poles, etc.) will have to be rented from a ski shop unless you own ski gear, in which case you are hardcore and I totally support you.
  4. Heidi Merrick Leather Pants
    You must get these pants from Heidi Merrick for apres ski wear! It was adorable. I was NOT cold!
  5. Sorel Tivoli II Boots
    You’ll need some cute snow shoes to walk around the snowy (and slippery!) town.
  6. Smart Wool Socks
    These socks are thick enough to wear under your ski boots but thin enough to wear with your new Sorels!
  7. Odacite Deep Hydration Mask
    Hydrate yo’ skin! This mask really works.
  8. Dior Addict Lip Glow
    I used this lip balm and my lips did not chap once—and I didn’t need to wear lipstick!
  9. Vertra Shane Dorian Face Stick
    Hello—you have to wear sunscreen on the slopes. My guy and I only use Vertra in the snow or waves. It is the only thing that ensures that I will not burn and it protects the money maker. And our face is all of our money makers. Skin cancer is so 2005.
  10. xo Abigail

Hero image via: A Vintage Wonderland