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Chef Neal Fraser

Whenever it was a special occasion or a fancy night on the town, my mom would suggest a restaurant called Grace. To us, it was, indeed, fancy. All these years later, that word, however, isn’t really the best description for what Grace restaurant gave.

Chef Michael Serpa

I had 48 hours in Boston, and having never been, scouting out an unmissable restaurant was exceptionally high on my culinary totem pole. I had read about Neptune Oyster in a couple places, and then read Alinea‘s Grant Achatz & Chef Ming Tsai describe the buttermilk johnny cake with smoked trout tartare, honey butter, and caviar as “one of the best things [they’ve] ever had.

Chef Josef Centeno

Let’s discuss Chef Josef Centeno. He is one of the most lauded chefs in the US, with three restaurants (Bäco Mercat, Bar Amá, and Orsa & Winston) all blocks away from each other in downtown Los Angeles, offering gangbuster good food that extends from the zeitgeist of his Tex-Mex upbringing.