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Chef Daniel Humm

I have this ritual: after I have an audition in NY, I treat myself to a glass of wine at the restaurant down the street from my agency. The twist here is that this post-audition tipple is at the bar of Eleven Madison Park, ranked as the 4th best restaurant in the world, and consistently garnering 3 Michelin stars.

Chef John Tesar

Chef John Tesar’s new Dallas-based restaurant, Knife, is easily at the top of the totem pole of meat-centric restos in the lone star state. This means it’s on another level of carnivorous complexity – come on y’all, Texans know their steak, and Tesar’s spot is bustling every night for very good reason).

Chef Jeff McInnis & Chef Janine Booth

He may call himself a simple Southern boy from the Florida Panhandle (or the “Redneck Riviera” as he lovingly refers to it), but Chef Jeff McInnis has been killing it on the New York culinary scene ever since he and his partner/girlfriend, and fellow Top Chef contestant, Chef Janine Booth, opened Root & Bone in the East Village six months ago.

Smoked Fish Sandwich

There are certain bites of food that get that huminuh-huminuh-huminuh going. AKA every bite of food you eat at the Venice, California eatery, Gjusta. After a leisurely brunch at Gjelina, the mama bear to this bakery/deli iteration, I drove over to the new space – I had a few days home in LA and needed to know what all the fuss was about.

Best Bite: Salt Cod Fritters

Let’s discuss for a moment, the word “foodie.” A word that for some is a badge of honor, while for others it’s enough to make them groan in annoyance. The naysayers categorize foodies as those who write late night Yelp reviews about pork belly, Instagram every spoonful of their tasting menu, and whose food gets cold because they’re too busy taking pictures of it instead of eating it.