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Açai Bowl

Don’t get me started on açai bowls; I am so deeply in love with them – thick and creamy açai berries blended and topped with fresh fruit, coconut, a drizzle of honey, some granola, and a sprinkle of bee pollen (allergy sufferers – take note, local bee pollen will make this season much easier for you!).

Baked Eggs in Avocado

First of all, it’s easy as pie, and secondly, it’s packed with good fats, omegas, protein, and mad flavor. Impress your friends at brunch, or simply treat yourself to this paleo-friendly, and absolutely delectable breakfast recipe.

Chef Neal Fraser

Whenever it was a special occasion or a fancy night on the town, my mom would suggest a restaurant called Grace. To us, it was, indeed, fancy. All these years later, that word, however, isn’t really the best description for what Grace restaurant gave.

FEED Supper

Hosting a dinner party is one of life’s pleasures I relish in most – the relaxed revelry, the inadvertent kitchen mistakes that your friends brush off like Bridget Jones’ blue soup, and the breaking of bread as a community – your close knit circle who opt to stay in vs going to a restaurant so you they laugh a little louder, help themselves to extra servings of (well) everything, and play late night poker with reckless abandon.

Lifestyle Eating with Shira Lenchewski

Friends first, food after. That’s how registered dietitian, Shira Lenchewski, and I could classify our relationship. She is one of my girls — grounded and ambitious, playful and quirky, and she peppers in sentences with the word “AB-soh-luuute-ly” with such an adorable intonation (syllables drawn out, eyes bright, with a slow nod for unintentional dramatic effect) that you will giggle.

Holiday Wine

Oh, Andy Chabot….my cup runneth over. Especially when he’s pouring. As sommelier and wine director of Blackberry Farm and recipient of the James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine Program in 2014, this guy may know a thing or two about vino. And by “may” I mean unequivocally without a doubt, truly, madly, deeply.