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Best Bite: Salt Cod Fritters

Let’s discuss for a moment, the word “foodie.” A word that for some is a badge of honor, while for others it’s enough to make them groan in annoyance. The naysayers categorize foodies as those who write late night Yelp reviews about pork belly, Instagram every spoonful of their tasting menu, and whose food gets cold because they’re too busy taking pictures of it instead of eating it.

Nori Rolls

So you want to eat clean, but you don’t want to feel bored. You’re trying to cut down on the carbs, but miss the bite and chew of a sandwich. I used to be right there with you, and then I started making nori wraps.

Toasted Oatmeal Brûlée

Some of you may be lucky enough to be basking in the sweet sweet sunshine during these blustery winter months, but for most of us, winter means heavy coats, chilly toes, and the craving for something comforting. Cue this delectable rendition of classic oatmeal made fanciful with the addition of a brûlée topping.