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The Art of Sushi

I had always been a particular eater – rolling paper napkins to make dividers on my dinner plate (a phase which nearly drove my mom mad), shunning breakfast (with the exception of egg whites scrambled into oblivion), loving gelatinous Vienna sausages in their odd sized tin, and loathing anything that was sweet and warm (hot chocolate & warm apple pie never made it to my hit list).

Chef Michael Serpa

I had 48 hours in Boston, and having never been, scouting out an unmissable restaurant was exceptionally high on my culinary totem pole. I had read about Neptune Oyster in a couple places, and then read Alinea‘s Grant Achatz & Chef Ming Tsai describe the buttermilk johnny cake with smoked trout tartare, honey butter, and caviar as “one of the best things [they’ve] ever had.