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Living Room Design Tips

For the love of decor. And, if you ask Jenn Schleich, she may also add: writing, design, and chocolate. Because she loves all of ‘em. Clearly, she’s a gal after our own hearts. With spring cleaning right around the corner, we asked Jenn to indulge us with some tips on how to give our space some extra panache for 2016.

Tig Tunes with Nikki Yanofsky

When I recently attended a charity event, I had the maaaay-jah pleasure of listening to Nikki Yanofsky scat her heart out. What was left of it, she sang the bejeezus out of, leaving me absolutely unequivocally star struck.

Badass Reading List

Most of you may read that heading and think, “F&*k yeah! I want to be a badass!” while the rest of you are scoffing at my ever-so unladylike language. Let me now apologize for both of the assumptions.