Living Room Design Tips

The Tig Archives 02 / 23 / 2016

For the love of decor. And, if you ask Jenn Schleich, she may also add: writing, design, and chocolate. Because she loves all of ‘em. Clearly, she’s a gal after our own hearts. With spring cleaning right around the corner, we asked Jenn to indulge us with some tips on how to give our space some extra panache for 2016. Because we don’t just want to spring clean – we want to spring into something beautiful. Here, Jenn walks us through a home design project so we can cheat the same look at home, or at least find a little decor inspo for our very own bohemian rhapsody. Thanks, Jenn!

From Jenn

This colorful family room by Studio McGee makes me want to kick back with friends, flip on a record and dig into some take-out. Husband and wife team Syd and Shea McGee turned to a mixture of natural woods, metals, textiles and patterns to bring this modern room with a fun bohemian undercurrent to life. If you’re swooning over this space as much as I am, read on for some tips on how you can accomplish this look in your own living room.

  1. Layer Area Rugs
  2. Layering rugs is a chic new trend that adds depth and texture to a room, but it’s also a design trick you can use to keep your pocket book happy. Because extra-large area rugs can come with a hefty price tag, layering a smaller expensive rug over a larger budget-friendly rug will help fill a space without blowing your budget. Here a natural fiber rug creates a neutral backdrop against the more interesting cow hide.

  3. Add Shapely Table Accents
  4. Geometric shapes are continuing to influence design trends in 2016, as we keep up our love affair with mid-century modern inspired style. A large prism on the coffee table and a fun geometric patterned bowl are great examples. Don’t overpower a table top with too many busy objects though; a few carefully chosen items will keep your space clean and simple.

  5. Use Black And White
  6. Use black and white to give a modern punch to a colorful space. If you are aiming to create a room with rich texture and a bohemian-inspired color palette like this one, the neutral tones of black and white will establish balance. Here the designers amped up a plaid occasional chair by using a stark contrasting pattern, and balanced the warm tones of the wood and gold tabletops with a black and white lamp, an oversized black jack, and a white prism.

  7. Pick Your Pillows
  8. Selecting the right accent pillows can transform more than just your couch. In this space Studio McGee played off the gold and black in the décor accents, and then added a contemporary splash of pink to sweeten the deal. When shopping for throw pillows I like to bring items I’ve already purchased with me to the store, to ensure the colors and patterns work together.

  9. Grow A Plant
  10. Greenery is an essential component in a living space and a relatively inexpensive piece of décor. There are so many practical reasons to grow house plants—like oxygen—but adding a potted plant also makes a room feel lived in and more casual. Make sure to pick a house plant that is easy to care for and needs light appropriate to the room.

Images via: Beckey Kimball, Jenn Schleich