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Badass Reading List

Most of you may read that heading and think, “F&*k yeah! I want to be a badass!” while the rest of you are scoffing at my ever-so unladylike language. Let me now apologize for both of the assumptions.

Holiday Reading List

Cozying up during these rare days off work. Traveling to see friends and family. Tucking away for a vacation amidst the holiday revelry. Whatever it is – this time of year, you need a good book. Something to sink your teeth into, or perhaps something to share with the folks in your life you just can’t quite figure out a gift for.

Year in review

The Tig Archives December 31, 2014 ‘My “little engine that could” – did. And it’s because of you.’ Where did this year go? I know you’re probably like me and find yourself saying that at every year’s end, but seriously – where did 2014 go?