Welcome to The TIG

The Tig Archives May 05, 2014

The fifth of May conjures up vivid musings for me – I close my eyes and picture parties for Cinco de Mayo, cucumber laden margaritas and tacos in hand, a piñata bursting at the seams with tamarind candies and ring pops. I see the Kentucky Derby, a deep rooted tradition I have long wanted to take part in, which falls on the same weekend. I see myself wearing a massive hat (ceremoniously so), sipping a mint julep, and tumbling into the Southern revelry of it all; (I do have a soft spot for the pomp and circumstance, if I’m being honest).

But then a dear friend, Avery Plewes, former costume buyer on Suits & fashion maven extraordinaire, pointed out that May 5th also marks the day that Coco Chanel introduced her iconic fragrance, Chanel #5.

With a little research, it turns out that the fifth of May was also the day Mrs. Chanel presented her dress collections. She had quite an affinity for the number five, feeling it would bring good luck.

So in the interest of taking good luck wherever I can find it, today marks the launch of The TIG.

Cheers to frolicking, and revelry, to badass ladies & gents who inspire change, to finding the beauty in the unexpected, to sharing ideas, supporting the silliness, eating delicious food, living a life of wanderlust, and taking it all in – with class, unrelenting splendor, and a sense of humor. Cheers to an inspired lifestyle.

Welcome to the world, TIG. (Don’t worry…everyone will be nice. They know you’re just getting started.)