Rachel Zane Hair

The Tig Archives 07 / 31 / 2014

While my hair off-camera is generally pulled into a low bun or tousled and flipped from side to side (a frenetic and self-conscious tick I adopted for moments I feel anxious, the onscreen Rachel Zane hair is something that leaves little room for insecurity. Her look is thoughtful and crafted. And thanks to a savvy hair department and creative input from producers, it has become a signature aesthetic with its polished and classic style. Diedhard Suits fans may have noticed a shift in Rachel’s hair this season – a change-up from the tailored blowout to something a bit less refined; we knew the storyline had Rachel juggling work and school, and that Rachel’s hair would need to reflect this lifestyle shift. But 10 episodes later, Rachel is back, and so is her classic blowout. Below is a play by play of what it takes to achieve the styled locks, and the products that have become our standby to make it happen every day.

Rachel Zane’s Hair Routine

  • Apply Shu Uemura Oli Absolue to ends of wet hair (this makes it soft & well moisturized)
  • Section hair into pieces to begin the blow dry with a paddle brush
  • Re-section pieces and spray Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press spray (thermal protection spray) to protect before flat ironing
  • We do not flat iron root to end, but rather smooth the hairline and areas that need extra straightening (you don’t want to lose the body, especially at the crown of the head)
  • With a 2 inch curling iron or wand, curl pieces outward taking small chunks **use the wand if you want a messier look, or a curling iron for a polished look)
  • Sprinkle La Biosthetique Volume Powder at the very top of the head to add extra lift and volume (this product is pretty miraculous and keeps you from having to tease your hair which causes lots of breakage)

Some extra products used throughout the day

  • Aveda Brilliant Universal Styling Cream is sometimes used to coat the ends if they are feeling dry, or if we want a piecier look (note: a little goes a verrrry long way)
  • Klorane Dry Shampoo is the perfect boost for my hair when we are shooting for 12+ hours – simply tip your head forward, spray at the root, rub it in, and flip your head back hard
  • Tah-dah!

For those of you looking to get the full Rachel Zane look, find my RZ beauty tutorial here.