The Styling of Suits

The Tig Archives June 18, 2014

Am I wearing Tom or Nina for this scene? That’s Suits speak for the $5000 Tom Ford skirt I find myself wiggling in to, or the Nina Ricci cashmere and lace sweater that will be delicately peeled off of my body (so as to protect the perfectly pointed craftsmanship) after a long day of work. They are just two of the designers adding to the wheelhouse of valuable vêtements, carefully curated by Suits Costume Designer, Jolie Andreatta. Watching her shop for our costumes is like watching an adagio – as graceful as it is methodical. With her little dog, Miles, in tow, she scans the floor, taking in the racks, not flitting or scrambling, no shuffling hangers, or frantic searching – there is none of that. Rather, she glides along the floors, quietly absorbing it all through some sort of sixth sense fashionista osmosis. And within moments, Jolie’s allegro begins: “Honey baby, can I get that Reed Krakoff look for Sarah over in that corner over there? And the Burberry blouse in that yummy plum color for my Little Fox, because that will look just groovy on Meghan.” Meanwhile she has someone from wardrobe tracking down the Dolce & Gabbana suit that will lend itself to another “like whoa” moment for couture clad Gina. That is Jolie – with a wink and a smile, looking as cool as a cat with her Jil Sander flats, Alaïa full length mermaid skirt, and simple white tee. She is the mastermind behind the stylized wardrobe of Suits, outfitting the men in custom suiting, and having our glorious seamstress, Tanya, tailor the clothes for us ladies down to an inhale. Everything is always pitch perfect. Despite our busy shooting schedule for Season 4, Jolie took a few moments to talk Suits style with me:

What inspired you to get into wardrobe / costuming?

Daydreams and my mom’s Vogue magazines.

Describe your personal style:

My personal style is classic, a bit under the radar, and probably under the advisement of a makeover. My go to is jeans with the most beautiful top I can get my hands on. And I have a thing for groovy flats. But my dream wear is Rachel’s clothes. Meghan and I would both love to have Rachel’s closet.

How has working on Suits changed the way you see fashion?

Working on Suits has not changed the way I see fashion, but has given me a way to take fashion off the page and onto people to be a part of their mood and environments. Fashion is something we all love to admire, not only for the way it looks or feels, and/or how good it feels, but also because it’s a global business that supports millions of people on so many levels. That’s cool.

How have the characters’ personal style evolved over the seasons?

A character evolves in the writer’s mind; I take that lead and style all the cast to frame the mood of the moment(s).

Which characters wardrobe is the most fun to shop for?

ALL the cast are daydreams coming true. When I find the right piece for any of them, I’m truly jazzed, literally I’ve been known to dance. But everyone knows Jessica is my masterpiece.

Does each character’s closet favor a specific designer? Which ones?

Harvey is the only one who favors one designer: Tom Ford. On everyone else you’ll find the likes of Dior, Giambattista Valli, Burberry, Lanvin, Dsquared2, Wes Gordon, Nina Ricci, Balenciaga, Givenchy and so many more. I will use any and all designers to make the cast stand out, true to the character and story.

Rapid fire. One or two words to describe the style of:

Harvey: Romantic.

Mike: Fresh.

Louis: Savile Row.

Jessica: Inherited Class.

Donna: Vibrant.

Rachel (aka Little Fox): …need I say more?