Quotes to Live By

The Tig Archives 01 / 20 / 2017

As we transition today to a new chapter in history, we here at The Tig found it timely to reflect on some of the influencers whose words have impacted us most as we move forward into this unfamiliar time. While the future is still ripe with questions, these people remind us that a steadfast dedication to the values of equality, peace, and love will always remain at the core of our potential to bring about meaningful change. Print one or all of these little nuggets right here to hang on your desk or wall to remind yourself of just how capable and powerful each one of you are. After all, it is still us, a collection of individuals, who are responsible for making the difference and creating a world in which we can all take pride.

Images via: BrainPickings.org, Thirteen.org, AuthorAJPalm, OnlineIndus