TIG Talk with Joe Zee

The Tig Archives June 06, 2014

If you go to a party and see a guy dressed to the nines with a radiant smile, an ability to make everyone feel comfortable, and a laugh that carries in that boisterous, contagious, unselfconscious, Julia Roberts way, you are probably looking at Joe Zee.

Oh, he is also an incredible dancer (hip hop, specifically), loves to sip tequila with lime, and just left his longtime gig as Creative Director at ELLE Magazine to be Editor-in-Chief and Executive Creative Director at Yahoo! I mean…. #perfect. Our mutual love began last year at a small dinner in New York honoring Kerri Washington’s ELLE cover, and we have remained close ever since. Some people have their finger on the pulse, and some people are truly the pulse itself. He is the latter.

  1. My nickname is: Papi Joe.
  2. The first thing I do when I wake up is: Check my newsfeed on my phone.
  3. I can’t live without: Sunshine.
  4. If I had one week to escape: Go to Hawaii.
  5. If I only had $10 in my pocket: Eat a good ramen.
  6. Everything tastes better with: A little booze (oops, I meant love).

Photos via: Sundance TV.