Rachel Zane Beauty

The Tig Archives June 11, 2014

Zane. Rachel Zane. The savvy paralegal/lawyer in training/confidante to Donna and Louis/lady to Mr. Mike Ross on Suits. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law, an ambition that trumps (well) Trump, himself, and a closet that rivals Olivia Palermo’s (or Lauren Santo Domingo depending on who you fawn over). And despite her evolution as a character, it’s the makeup & hair, the classic Zane style, that has rarely changed in four seasons of playing Rachel. In honor of the season premiere tonight, the season that I am over the moon to be a part of, that I’m clinking glasses to celebrate, I am revealing the secrets, the daily ritual, that my Suits makeup artist, Ms. Sandra Wheatle, uses to take me from the girl with a bare face to Ms. Rachel Elizabeth Zane. Happy shopping, and cheers to many more seasons of Suits!

And for all of you looking for tips to steal those covetable Rachel Zane locks? Just you wait. Tips of the trade, by way of our hair trailer, coming to you soon…