Awards Season Entertaining Tips

The Tig Archives 01 / 25 / 2017

It’s that time again! The Golden Globes have come and gone, the Academy Award Nominations were announced just yesterday, and there’s a healthy lineup of celebrations from the SAG Awards to the Grammys still in our sights. And while many of us may not be walking down the red carpets of these illustrious fêtes ourselves, that doesn’t mean we can’t throw an equally fabulous party of our own. Cue Bronson van Wyck, event planner extraordinaire and true expert on all things hosting. His advice today is helping us imagine a watching party even we would want to take a limo to. Take a bite of any of his helpful tidbits below and you’re sure to win the award for Best Party Planner…Ever.

From Bronson

  1. Give the Red Carpet Treatment
  2. Greet guests at the door a la Ryan Seacrest as if they have just emerged from their limo to the red carpet. Ask them what they are wearing, their favorite movie of the year, who they would like to say hello to at home, and more. Enlist a friend to film your “interviews” and post or Snap your favorites at the end of the night.

  3. Red Velvet All the Way
  4. Pillows are an easy way to bring color to a room or change the feel of a space. For an Oscars party, I’ll swap my usual pillows for some in red velvet, add red flower arrangements and maybe a red cashmere throw still handy from the holidays to bring a hint of the red carpet to the viewing space. Guests can cozy up on the couch surrounded by your own version of a red carpet.

  5. Bring the Crowd Favorites
  6. You can’t watch a show all about movies without an iconic cinema snack. I like to offer personal servings of popcorn along with a bar stocked with a variety of toppings and seasonings to doctor it up. No judging here – guests can pile on the cayenne, truffle oil, caramel, garlic salt, butter, chocolate, gummy bears – whatever their fancy. For something heartier, nothing beats a burger. The stars flock to In & Out after the show, so serve your own version of “Animal Style” at home.

  7. Play Dress Up
  8. Bring out wigs, glasses, bow ties or signature accessories that represent the nominees. Guests can channel their inner Meryl and dress up as their favorite stars when they win. Gather everyone together for an attempt at clenching the Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfie record.

  9. Cheers to It All
  10. Serve a few signature cocktails that commemorate the nominees. My personal favorite is one I call the La La Lemon Southside (see below). Simply shake all the ingredients together, add the club soda with an extra sprig of mint, and you’re golden!

Images via: Bronson van Wyck