New Year’s Styling Tricks

The Tig Archives 12 / 26 / 2014

Every year, we all look forward to counting down as the ball drops, champagne glass in hand—all while looking impeccably dressed. But the problem year after year is figuring out exactly how to switch up your style routine as the 31st approaches, because wearing a sequined mini dress and heavy smoky eyes just isn’t going to continue to cut it. But this year, there’s no need to hem and haw for an entire week before New Year’s Eve—just follow The TIG’s simple guidelines and the only thing you’ll have to worry about come the New Year is who exactly to kiss because you’ll look smokin’. Happy New Year!

  1. Channel the 70s in a Groovy Jumpsuit
    • The jumpsuit trend has been hard to kick—and it’s only grown in popularity. The problem is, there’s rarely a good occasion to try your hand at the one-piece. But New Year’s Eve is your best bet since it’s sexy, but not too provocative.
    • If you’re tall, you’re in luck—you can wear a number of hard-to-pull-off versions. Try an array of colors like red, white, or even metallic. If you’re smaller, opt for a sleeveless, more basic version since it’ll draw the eyes towards your legs, which actually look longer in a jumpsuit.
    • If you feel as though your waist gets lost, don’t be afraid to belt your suit. Now’s the time to find a metallic belt to add a little sparkle.

  2. Don a Moto Jacket over a Maxi
    • By this point, you probably know that a leather motorcycle jacket is a staple to wear to any party. But throwing your sleek coat over an elegant maxi dress feels more current and you’ll stand out in the crowds (and there’s always a huge crowd).
    • This is a great way to still look chic in colder weather. If it’s really cold, throw on a pair of fleece-lined tights that won’t show through your chiffon skirt.

  3. Bare Some Skin in a Beaded Mini
    • Sequins, sparkle, shine—it feels like we’ve all been there, done that for New Year’s Eve. A beaded skirt has the same essence of a metallic mini, but is way cooler.
    • Try finding a multi-colored version to have the same stand out effect, but pair with neutrals on the top (like a white chiffon blouse) and bottom (like black lace-up heels).

  4. Wear Sequins in an Unexpected Way
    • And if you must wear sequins (hey, we all love a little bit of shine), don’t go for that bodycon mini.
    • Instead, try a long-sleeved top or, even better, a full-on sequined maxi dress. It’s New Years, so it’s time to go big or go home!

  5. Turn Up the Heat in Red Hot Red
    • Traditionally, we all stick with black or white while celebrating the New Year, but that’s bo-ring. Red is the perfect bold hue because it’s definitely festive, but doesn’t feel like you’re just recycling your outfit from Christmas (if you choose the right pieces).
    • You’ll definitely want to pick something that feels dressed up—a dress with a hint of lace or a detailed skirt with slits all fit the bill.

Images via: Guest of a Guest, Style and the City, Glamour, Vogue, Judy Meepos
*Special thanks to The Ludlow Hotel and Lobby Bar for their beautiful shooting location