Eat, Pray, Love

The Tig Archives 09 / 21 / 2016

Inspired by one of my favorite books by Elizabeth Gilbert, I decided to spend the month of August (with my hiatus from filming) to “Eat, Pray, Love.” Or, in my humble interpretation: eat everything, pray (and meditate) often, and simply love my life, every ounce of it.

With the support of some trusted friends who met me along the way for my various adventures, what I discovered was that with the incredible luxury of time, I was able to celebrate my life. And I say that because I don’t think you need money to do this. It wasn’t long ago (cough – about ten years ago – cough) that I only had $40 in my bank account, that I could barely book an audition, and that my circle of friends was even smaller. But even then, without all the pomp and circumstance, I made time to celebrate my life. Maybe it was a pizza and bottle of two buck chuck from Trader Joe’s with a couple girlfriends, tucked in for the night sitting on my living room floor. Or maybe it was a dance party in my tiny apartment or a sobbing session to purge all of those feels with my nearest and dearest.

This is all part of the eat, pray, love journey. Being present. Being vulnerable. The act of celebrating and really truly enjoying your life.

And while the locales of my recent getaway were more extravagant than ever before, I feel certain that the same moments of “ah-hah,” the same self-hugs and acts of appreciation, could have been done in the cozy quiet of my home. And that, right there, is the point. To find your own eat, pray, love this week. To snuggle up and relish what you’ve got.

*As a side note, I will say that pizza and pasta is a pretty solid addition to this plan – wherever it is you happen to be.*

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