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Tig Talk with James Chau

Sometimes you meet a person and just click. You fall into an easy banter, find them equal parts inspiring and entertaining, and you feel absolutely tickled to have made a new friend. (Something that gets harder as you get older – if you were born after 1985, trust me on this).

Welcome to The TIG

The fifth of May conjures up vivid musings for me – I close my eyes and picture parties for Cinco de Mayo, cucumber laden margaritas and tacos in hand, a piñata bursting at the seams with tamarind candies and ring pops. I see the Kentucky Derby, a deep rooted tradition I have long wanted to take part in, which falls on the same weekend.

TIG Talk with Wes Gordon

About a month ago, I was late night Instagramming, after a very looong 14 hour day on set. I was wired, and wanted to numb my brain with mindless pix of shoes or people making duck faces. But what I stumbled upon wasn’t mindless at all. It was a perfectly crafted dress. A beautiful, glorious, effortlessly sexy dress.

TIG Talk with Elettra Wiedemann

Over a perfect dinner at Whitehall in NYC, I meet Elettra Wiedemann for the first time. We are with stylist extraordinnaire, Chloe Hartstein, and my beauty guru, Daniel Martin. And while ordering mushy pea fritters, a plate of oysters, a few branzini, and frites for days, I look over at Elettra and think — “My lord, she is so beautiful.