Anatomy of Design: Edie Parker

The Tig Archives 08 / 13 / 2014

You see these distinctive clutches on every red carpet. The acrylic objet-d’arts in throwback shapes and designs echoing those carried by starlets of the ’50s and ’60s. Brett Heyman, the LA born designer, who ran PR for Gucci until 2010 when she launched her adored line, Edie Parker, coveted the bags she would find at local second hand stores and flea markets. Perhaps it’s being an Angeleno that makes this a shared love of ours – the ritual of scouring vintage shops to find the best gem, and favoring the Old Hollywood keepsakes often found in LA boutiques. Brett’s collections for Edie Parker, specifically the bespoke collection, where purses are emblazoned with a monogram or name of choice, are fashionista fawn-worthy. So it was with great pleasure that I traveled to NY to meet Brett and her team, to design my very own Edie Parker clutch. Let me repeat that sentence for both dramatic effect and to remind myself that it was real: I went to NY to meet Brett and her team to design my very own Edie Parker clutch. Oh wait – and the team from InStyle was there to cover The TIG story of this feature. What does Kit say in “Pretty Woman?” Yes, I felt like Cinder-f$#@in-rella!

The Design Process

“Edie Parker sprang from Brett’s love of mid-century style. Captivated by the original acrylic creations’ slim silhouettes, Technicolor palettes and dramatic ornamentation, she began collecting the vintage purses and researching their long lost designers, makers and original fabrication techniques. When Brett could no longer find the clutches she coveted at vintage and second-hand shops, she decided it was time to remake them for a new generation of fashion tastemakers.”

Sitting down with Brett to strategically choose the style, color, font and lettering choice proved to be more overwhelming than I thought. I opted for a classic pearlized opal hue with cursive glittered writing. Trust me – the jury of fashionistas on site weighed in to help me with my decision.

Just a few weeks later, this gorgeous gem appeared. Better than I could have imagined, with a personalization that means the world to me. Ms. TIG…what a beautiful adventure this is.